Southbury, CT



Southbury is a medium-sized town located in the western portion of Connecticut. The 53rd largest community in the state, there are nearly 20,000 people that call Southbury home. Because it is not over-populated, Southbury is a relatively peaceful place to live for individuals and families of all ages.

With sprawling rural country areas, suburban neighborhoods, and historic districts, Southbury truly has aspects that everyone will enjoy. Home to multiple state parks and a variety of gorgeous views, it is easy to appreciate the land and beauty of the town. The good public school district, combined with the large amount of college-educated adults in the area provide an environment that puts emphasis on academic values. Additionally, a fair amount of families with children already reside in Southbury neighborhoods, making it easy for new families to develop social ties with others. The historic districts in the area suggest that people have loved living in Southbury for decades.

Southbury real estate consistently ranks among the most expensive in America, home prices being some of the highest throughout the state. That being said, the positives of the area do not deter current or future residents from planting their roots in Southbury.

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